Meet The Artist Playground community leads 👋

  • Meet The Artist Playground community leads 👋

    Posted by Kimberly (Uncommon Folk) on October 6, 2023 at 9:43 am

    To kick things off, we have a team of inspiring artist, industry experts and experts for your to connect with and learn from

    This is a community group so please do post away and contribute as much as you are comfortable with, but here are the team of group hosts who will be sharing their work & knowledge in the group.

    @clara.m.jonas | Cornwall based artist and brand designer, Clara is an inspiration in the industry. Clara will be both here and in the Creative Marketing Group sharing both her life as an artist and how you can create a soul-led brand. You can find more about Clara’s work here.

    @YvetteK | London based artist and textile designer who is known for her work with colour. Yvette will be hosting a number if various sessions, including co-working to bring together the art community. You can discover more about Yvette Kissi here.

    @nataliebyrne | London based, Latina Artist, Natalie Byrne will be joining the Artist Playground to host a series of workshops to connect the community and encourage wellness in the industry. You can discover more about Natalie here.


    Please do connect with our experts in the Club.

    All support is on a group basis (we cannot offer 1-1 support within the Club but please check our partners external offerings for 1-1 support. You are able to ask questions during workshops to gain support or pop them in the feed (our experts will do their best to signpost you to the best resources to support).

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