[UNCOMMON DISCUSSION] What freedom do you seek? ✨

  • [UNCOMMON DISCUSSION] What freedom do you seek? ✨

    Posted by Kimberly (Uncommon Folk) on February 27, 2023 at 11:23 am

    For years now, we have been told that financial freedom is the main (and sometimes only) marker of success in business. This can often make us give up early or feel negative about how far we have come and lead us back to the “safety” of the 9-5 regular pay cheque.

    Of course, financial freedom is hugely important and often unlocks many other areas of success. But, it is not the only freedom a creative business can unlock. Often the other forms are the ones that offer an enriched and fulfilled way of life.

    From freedom of movement – to work from wherever you choose in the world? To experience new cultures and lifestyle.

    To creative freedom – the ultimate ability to express yourself without any other infludnece. To play, to explore, to follow your curiosity.

    I would love to know…

    a) What freedom your venture currently offers you ( however big or small it is likely more than you think)? 🚐 🌊🧘‍♀️

    b) What your freedom goal is? What do you hope your business can give you in the future? 🌍

    Please also join the conversation is the shift of change in mindset around business success and freedom?

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