{CLUB GUIDE} How to post in the Club 🌼

  • {CLUB GUIDE} How to post in the Club 🌼

    Posted by Kimberly (Uncommon Folk) on March 23, 2023 at 3:44 pm

    Here’s a quick guide to posting in the Club. Posting and engaging with members is the very best way to build your network with ease. Share what you are up to, share insights, ask for support, share support etc. It’s the best way to become visible in the creative industry and attract your kinda tribe.


    You can post across the Club from the main feed (you can also see all posts from people you follow and from groups here so it’s a good place to soak it all up).

    1. Just hit the “Share what’s on your thoughts” text box at the top.
    2. Then you can select where you want your post to go. If you tap the “public” button this will take you to some options to either post in your own feed (you can leave as the default if you would like this option) or “Post in group” and select what group you would like to post in.
    3. If you post to your own feed, ONLY your followers will see your post and it will land on your personal feed.
    4. If you tap “post in group” then search and select “All Club Members” this will be show to all members in the Club (unless they have opted out of this group). This is great option for posting questions, sharing your work etc. You can also select other groups (Inner Circles) that you are part of.
    5. You can then write your post – add images/gifs/videos if you fancy and hit post!
    6. You can edit a post at any time.


    Alternatively you can post into your personal feed or any Inner Circle group feed by heading to that area and posting directly in the feed (using the text box).


    Discussions are a great way to start or join conversations that could really help you or others in the Club (like this one here).

    They are searchable and easy to find. You can start discussions in any Inner Circle. So you could ask a questions in the “All Club members” group about what business bank other members use and would recommend; or start a feed for recommendations for free co-working in London on a short visit (or follow the feed for your next visit); or head to the Artisan Space and ask other makers if they are going to an upcoming trade show and start a little group chat going?

    Just head to any Inner Circle group and hit “Discussions” to start or follow a feed.


    Remember you can follow, connect and DM creatives you align with. Search through Inner Circles to meet like-minded people and build your own community in the Club.

    I hope this helps!

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