Any small wins this week?

  • Any small wins this week?

    Posted by J (Web & Digital Design) on March 13, 2024 at 9:46 am

    Hi everyone, I’m excited about a milestone in my business and wanted to share!

    I recently started offering a new web design package, a lower-ticket service since my other offer was more all-encompassing and a bit more of an investment.

    And since it’s a new package, I decided to create a beta offer – offering the package at a discounted rate to give me a chance to validate the offer. I didn’t do this for my other package, so I’m really excited about this new step forward.

    There are more details in the Opportunities board in case anyone would benefit from a new website at a steal, but this is more about celebrating a small win. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting over a fear of investing in myself (or my business), but I’m learning it’s also so much fun to bet on yourself. ☺

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